Are you Better then your friends? Prove it!

Welcome to #skullDiction, sports fans! #skullDiction allows you to compete in a week to week battle against your friends and other fans to predict how you think your team will do against their opponent each week. You can submit the score to hopefully get the closests. At the end of the season whoever wins the most weeks is the Champion taking home the prize and bragging rights. From here, if you don't have an account, register by clicking on the red register button above. If you already have an account, just log In with the red button above and to the left.

* College Coaches and college players are eligible to participate, but due to NCCA Rules, are not eligible to claim cash or gift card prizes.

1. Pick the winning team for the game each week.
2. Pick the and the opponents score for each weeks game. The closest to both actual scores (over or under).
3. Each week you will be rewarderd tournament points based on how you predicted. You will move up and down the ranks based on current and previous weeks.
4. At the end of the entire season (playoffs and bowls included) the player with the higest points will finally be the Season Champion.

Tie Breakers (only if there is a tie from above)
1. The player with the closest score from the winning team without going over.
2. The player with the closest score from the losing team without going over.
3. The player with the earliest score submission, get them in early.

1st place gets a bonus each week of 3 pts
All ranks below 1st place are calculated by game pts (abs values added together from both home and away teams of predictions from actual scores) * .005 with a minus of .005 on the next rank

1st place has 2 game pts (prediction was: 10 - 7)
   1 + 3 / 2 = 2 Tournament pts
2nd place has 3 game pts (prediction was: 10 - 8)
   .995 / 3 = .3316 Tournament pts
3rd place has 8 game pts (prediction was: 12 - 3)
   .99 / 8 = .12375 Tournament pts